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Simply Noah…

Noah and Ceci at a restaurant in Glencairn

So I have wanted to do a Noah-focused update for a few days. Noah is our quietest kid (but not really “quiet” in any profound way) and is also the “middle” kid, so he can sometimes get squeezed out by the type A personalities by which he is surrounded. So here is my tribute to our precious Noah!

Noah on Table mountain with Cape Town in the background...

This face captures Noah so well. He can oftentimes be found daydreaming or just with a serene look on his face. It is quite common for me to catch him with such a face and just smile at him… he always likes that quite lot.

Noah on Table mountain with Lion's Head Mountain and Robben Island in the background

Beautiful kid in front of a beautiful view!

And here is another picture of Noah on Table Mountain with Asher… notice the clouds in the background which get caught on the mountain and then sort of spill over down towards the ocean below. I love Noah’s face anyways, but this picture is particularly adorable!

Noah and Asher on Table Mountain with Clouds behind…

Our prayer for Noah is that he would know our love beyond any shadow of a doubt and that he would ascribe that love to God as well. We are so proud of who he is and we pray that he would always have a heart that is tender towards God.

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