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Website Statistics for Nerds and Matt Ryniker only part 2!

So I enjoy watching numbers change over time.  Here are the statistics for http://www.theProegers.com

We have had visits from All 6 of the populated continents.

We have had visits from 123 countries, which is crazy!  Of course, that is because of our growing collection of images and associated tags, which brings people looking for pictures, so we are not pretending to have a following from 123 countries.

All 50 States and D.C.

and we have had almost 20,000 single page views (a good amount of them admittedly just random people doing image searches and finding our page by accident!)

And if you do a search for “Matt Ryniker” on google, we are among the very first few hits you will have come up!

Hey, I strongly implied this post would be boring for most of you!

Method http://writemyessay4me.org on students learning approaches: multiple!

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