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A Spontaneous trip to Mauritius…(with many pictures)


getting on the plane in Johannesburg, bound for Mauritius (something about boarding a plane this way always feels more exotic!!)

So by now most of our friends and family know that we just spent 5 days in Mauritius.  In this case, “we” is Ceci and me.  I have been waiting for a visa for 15 months from the South African government and have even hired a private agency to help.  So far, this has brought no progress. IMG_5419 Because my job as All Nations recruiter requires that I travel out of the country frequently, I had a 90 day visa which was about to expire.  The new visa laws mean that if you leave the country and do NOT have a visa you will be declared “undesirable” and not allowed back in the country for between 1-5 years.  This designation can be reversed but must be appealed in your home country one of the South African Embassies…the closest to Austin, Texas is Chicago. IMG_5481 As a result, it seemed timely to take our tax return ….our ENTIRE tax return (thanks so much to Brian Weber with Applied Business Concepts whose team always does such a wonderful job with our taxes) and spend a week away from the kids for the first time since Asher was born.  It was a great time in a beautiful country!  Here are some of the many pictures we took… IMG_5488 IMG_5491 IMG_5492 IMG_5493 The above pics were on the beach in front of our hotel…..small room, but quite nice and it had AC (a huge luxury as far as we are concerned!) IMG_5452 Hinduism is the primary religion of Mauritius so we saw temples like the above everywhere.  Turns out, the red flag is a statement that the family who owns the house or land honors the monkey god.  I never knew that until I asked the taxi driver on the way back to the airport. IMG_5505 IMG_5661 and now for some fun at what seemed like a tourist trap but had SO many positive reviews that we decided to risk it.  We were actually pleasantly surprised! This was called “Curious Corner of Chamarel.”  We had a blast!! IMG_5583 IMG_5632 IMG_5633


Wrong elevator!!!

IMG_5608 IMG_5601


Skyping with Asher and Noah



seems unkind to the unhumped…

IMG_5708 IMG_5713

A few pictures of Ceci dancing…. IMG_5728 IMG_5747 - Version 2 IMG_5748 - Version 2 IMG_5762 - Version 2 IMG_5780IMG_5704IMG_5703IMG_5698IMG_5687 IMG_5683



Admittedly more proud of this picture than i ought to be...but see how the clouds frame the tree?

Admittedly more proud of this picture than i ought to be…but see how the clouds frame the tree?


on the way back to the airport…


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