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Back to School!

We’re new students in CPx – the school of Church Planting. Here’s some more info about it from the All Nations website:

The CP Experience (School of Church Planting) is all about learning how to tell people about Jesus from different cultures and nations. Floyd McClung, Jr., International Director, All Nations

Church Planting Experience is designed to teach you the heart of simple church planting. There are thousands of denominations, methods, and programs out there seeking to make Jesus’ name known throughout the earth. They each have their differences, but almost all share the same common core. CPx teaches that core.

CPx does not require any particular background or credential. Jesus chose common fishermen as his first followers. Then, he taught them to be leaders, and even before his death he started sending them out on missions to tell others about him.

In CPx, you will learn practical ways to make disciples, the kind of disciples who become leaders themselves and make other disciples. Whole movements of church planting–churches sharing Jesus and rapidly multiplying–are igniting throughout the world. Entire people groups are coming to know the name of Jesus and following him for the first time. They are movements started by cultural outsiders that are quickly taken over by local leadership, local energy, local worship, and local flavor.

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