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Taking some friends to the movies…

So 2 brothers we love from a family  in Masiphumelele both had birthdays last weekend….we decided to take them to see Wreck-It Ralph, a new Disney movie we wanted them to see.  To our knowledge they have never seen a regular movie in a regular theater before (not a baad thing…in fact, I have been second guessing myself about having taken them at all!).  They seemed to really enjoy it as we took them to eat and then to the movies….Here are some pictures of that outing:

IMG_4670 IMG_4668 IMG_4664 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4671

Because CPx 2013 has started and we are in class, you can expect our blog to become much more prolific again.  Having people teach always gets Mark’s mind going so watch our blog for more activity!

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