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From South Africa to Turkey…in Pictures

[vimeo 78979726]

Selah saying goodbye to her best friend for 2.5 months…


At the airport before taking off with our plane in the background…


airplanes can be fun….this is on the way to Dubai on Emirates (the nicest airlines we have traveled on and oftentimes the cheapest!



Selah sleeping…IMG_0525

somewhere around 2:30 AM in our hotel in Dubai (looks fancy! got it cheap on Bookings.com!)



Noah and Selah in the taxi on the way back to the Dubai Airport


We made a friend!  (too bad he was just an advertisement)


this one is in the Dubai Airport…behind the family and the elevators is a wall of running water…


The “nice” porter in Istanbul who subsequently demanded $25 for his tip, after I had offered him “only” $10 for his 25 minutes of work…GRRRR!  (yes, I relented and gave it to him)


An exciting looking comic book in the Istanbul Airport before heading East across Turkey on our last of 3 flights for a few weeks…


In Mersin, virtually EVERYONE lives in high rise apartments. Our friends are no exception.  This is sweet Noah with Mersin in the background…


Mark trying to get hydrated…


A slice of the city…


Another slice of the city…

more to come in the next 2 days…



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