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Some more pictures of Heaven and Hell…(some of our best pictures of Turkey yet)

So there is a place about an hour west of where we are called “heaven and hell” after two HUGE holes/caves in the ground. One has an ancient church building that is now a ruin….these are pictures from that day…IMG_0840IMG_0850

Mark chilling on a camel…which is not something that happens every day.IMG_0851


Noah was honestly a bit traumatized by our “2 for 1” camel ride…IMG_0798

Selah in mid dance




Asher is showing us some of his leg (not purposely)



Noah is a cute rascal…


Asher and Noah with a cool canyon wall behind them?IMG_0870


Hanging out at the old church building that is now in ruins…



Kiki and her sweet sister Yola!  IMG_0880


Not a great picture because of it being blurry…but still cool.IMG_0884


A bit better?



The hole of light back behind them is about 200 meters back.  This makes it look quite small, but it wasn’t!IMG_0902IMG_0907IMG_0911
climbing out of “heaven”….not sure about the analogy, but…IMG_0915

boys surfing a rock wave…IMG_0922

Ceci sometimes says she isn’t dramatic…

Our Breakfast place

Ceci at Breakfast…(yes, this is where we ate breakfast)IMG_0792


Carnie and Kiki Littlefield…friends of ours from Austin, living here in Turkey!  We are staying in their apartment with them…IMG_0788


a few ladies making a tortilla like flat bread at breakfast…IMG_0814


Asher and Yola having fun on their camel…IMG_0802IMG_0890


looking out of the huge hole with the church building as a silhouette

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