Where is your home? [Ceci Speaks!]


Where is your Home?   It’s been about a year since we made our decision to come out to Cape Town and join All Nations for this season of our lives.  It’s now almost down to the day that God started speaking to me about my home, and where to find it.  It seems so […]

Dehydration Leads To Diarrhea…


If you have ever been dehydrated, you know how awful the effects on your body can be. Minor dehydration can lead to a headache, while more severe dehydration can lead to nausea, diarrhea and worse. Scripture repeatedly compares the Spirit of God to water. In our spiritual lives it is quite easy to become “dehydrated” […]

Would you like to keep up with us?

Keep up with us!

  I have had several people ask me how they can be notified when we add new updates to our webpage.  So our most excellent webmaster Joel Farris (if you like his work click on his link in the bottom right corner) has added a VERY simple way for anyone to get notice of our […]

Our website statistics (for nerds and Matt Ryniker only)

Look familiar?

Ok, so it is my personality that I LOOOOVE numbers….so whether it is sports, church, church planting movements, or the Bible, I get excited about numbers.  So most of you can stop reading now (if you even chose to click in the first place!): After one month online we have the following statistics for our […]

A Walk on the beach…(95% pictures)

Mark caught on film!

This is a beach about 3.6 miles from us (by car) or about 2.5 miles “as the crow flies.” This means that we can see this beach quite often from a distance, but don’t get to go to it very often. Despite its fantastic beauty, it is too cold to enjoy without a wetsuit, even for […]

Happy Birthday Nana! (video included)


Once again on her birthday our precious Nana finds at least one of her kids overseas. We love her so much and want to honor her on her birthday so we made a cake (“we” here means Ceci!) and celebrated her birthday last night…sans Nana in the flesh, but with her very much in our […]

A toad attacks! (A true story)

Leopard Toad Sign

So Ceci and the children and I live in a community house that is actually on a community property. All told we have about 11 people living in our house, but about 28 living on the property sharing the one kitchen that happens to be in our house. Last night, I went downstairs to close […]

Sin is like crack…(short)


  I was thinking how easy it is to internally judge those who struggle with drugs when in reality any sin is quite easily comparable to drugs.  When I see someone doing a severe drug like crack or crystal meth, it is easy to readily see that they are hurting themselves.  For the most part […]

Church Planting Part 2: Small But Potent

House Church

If you have not read Part 1, go here first:     Picking back up with our speaker that I mentioned in Part 1, I would like to share with you an amazing statistic he shared with us today.  He has been speaking to us about house churches: how to start them, how to raise […]