Church Planting Part 1: Two Models of Starting Churches

The Beautiful Milan Cathedral

This week our speaker is a Christian leader from another country in Africa (purposely leaving details of his identity out) who is speaking to us about church planting.  It dawns on me that there are probably several catgories of people reading our blog and that it might be useful to explain more about this term […]

Selah Speaks (our first Video!!)


Selah is at McDonalds on her birthday a few weeks ago sharing some thoughts… Unlike most cell phone spy applications that only track location, hellospy samsung googlenexus s spy software includes all the advanced features necessary to truly get you the answers you want sms mobile spy with and deserve

Obey me or else!!!


  I think for most people, whether followers of Jesus or not, we tend to imagine that if Jesus has an opinion of us it is one of disappointment if not something worse.  I would have never described myself that way at all and if you asked me I knew the “right thing” to say […]

Signs and products distinct to South Africa…part 1

Penquins are near

Here are some fun signs and products that one sees in Cape Town. Enjoy the brief tour…….                         I can’t help but wonder how many Penguins I have unintentionally killed because the US is too cheap to put signs like this around the states! […]

You may have no discernment…

Family shot on Table Mountain

This is from October of 2010….and I thought it deserved repetition: Our Bible teacher made an excellent statement a few weeks ago and I wanted to comment on it. (more…)

Selah has a birthday… she’s 3!


Our precious little girl turned 3 years old today. We were so excited to celebrate with her all day long… and I should emphasize “long.” She came in at 6:00 this morning (pretty typical time for our kids to wake us up) and said, “Mommy, is it my bert day?” The answer was yes… (more…)

Do you have a Pantheon?


In ancient Rome Marcus Agrippa commissioned a temple to be built that was to be dedicated to all the gods. The word “Pantheon” itself is actually a Greek word that literally means “to all gods.” Today you can visit the Pantheon in Rome which is still standing in the middle of the city. It sounds great doesn’t […]

Simply Noah…

Noah and Ceci at a restaurant in Glencairn

So I have wanted to do a Noah-focused update for a few days. Noah is our quietest kid (but not really “quiet” in any profound way) and is also the “middle” kid, so he can sometimes get squeezed out by the type A personalities by which he is surrounded. So here is my tribute to our […]

Our first baptism!!!

Our first baptism in Africa!

Yesterday was our “celebration” Sunday at All Nations (more about that in another blog). In short, this means that we sort of invite the entire All Nations family of leadership from the Cape Town area and worship, have some instruction and then have baptisms. This is not a weekly event but more like a monthly event. This was […]



Masiphumelele (Pronounced “Mossy Puma Lay Lay”) Masiphumelele is not a Hawaian greeting. It is the name of a community about 2 kilometers (We are trying to practice using kilometers instead of miles) from where we stay. This community has between 30,000 and 40,000 people living in less than 2 square kilometers. While there are a few concrete […]