Tomorrow we celebrate 10 years of marriage!

wedding Ceci 001

10 years ago, I was with my “Best Men” having an incredible time preparing for the next day.  The following day, I married the love of my life at the age of 30 (don’t do the math).  Ceci is the most amazing wife, mother and friend for which I could have dreamed.  I love you […]

the most ancient lie….(a one minute meditation)

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A few thoughts I had on Sunday while meditating on the things that can turn us away from God…. Being blinded by the NOW instead of embracing the ALWAYS Preferring the THIS in favor of the EVERYTHING In one very real sense, this is what Adam and Eve both did and the rest of us […]

Mark and Asher perform in an Ostrich rodeo…


2 weeks ago, I turned 40.  My family gave me enough money for us to go on our first vacation since arriving here.  We went 500 Kilometers away to George and had a great time.  We are SOOO thankful to the Vanderbyles and to their dear friend Lizelle (and her precious 3 children)    for […]

Children Vs. The Beard!

Crazy Beard Mark

[vimeo 50060316] Daddy has fallen in love with his beard and presumes his family has to.  Meanwhile the children are sick of the beard and plot its demise. homework sheets year 3

360º of Ryan Greene at Chapman’s peak…


I’ll admit it was a strange idea.  I asked Ryan to stand still and then took a series of pictures of him from 8 different angles. An important part of higher education generally that

Our first visitor from the United States of America!


  Ryan Greene came to visit us and a great time was had by all!  We took him to the “standard” sites around here, but he and Sarah Hawthorne got to see even more of the country.               The sunset was indeed spectacular that night This was taken with […]