Noah starts school, Asher starts 2nd grade and Selah fakes….


Today, while I was languishing in bed (I am sick, but am fairly certain it is just a 24 hour bug as I am already feeling significantly better!), Noah started school.  Sorry the photo is so blurry, but this was easily the best photo of the 4 we captured.  Noah, much to our surprise, has […]

An American, a German and a Brit….A Reflection (with some great pics)


  I had a fairly significant “God-encounter” yesterday as it seems God has been trying to teach me (Mark) something important lately.  Sadly, some of the most profound truths are the ones we are least likely to believe because we have heard them so many times that we are inoculated against their profundity.   So […]

Our Christmas trip around South Africa…Part 1 (?)

Selah and Mom on beach #2

Well, what was supposed to be a trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe to work with some of All Nations workers in those countries, became a trip around South Africa due to legitimate (and thrice confirmed) concerns about Malaria there this time of year.  So we decided to hit the road anyways with 8 other All […]

Happy Birthday Earl!!!


  Uncle Earl has a birthday today and we want to wish him a Happy Birthday.  There is a short video below, but we wanted to show you a few pictures as Earl and Kristin recently had twins!  Happy Birthday Earl.   You have been an amazing big brother who has been an example to […]

Merry Christmas (pictures and a short video!)

Selah and a frisbee

  Today we pray that you may know the God who laid it all down to restore a broken relationship with frail humanity.  We are here in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa (the birthplace of J R R Tolkien for  the Lord of the Rings fans among you).  We will be shortly releasing a series […]

Website Statistics for Nerds and Matt Ryniker only part 2!

Look familiar?

So I enjoy watching numbers change over time.  Here are the statistics for We have had visits from All 6 of the populated continents. We have had visits from 123 countries, which is crazy!  Of course, that is because of our growing collection of images and associated tags, which brings people looking for pictures, […]

3653 days of marriage to the love of my life!!!

Wedding Ceci 004

It’s hard to believe 10 years has passed!  i love you so much and am excited to spend MANY more years with you learning to love you as Christ loved the church!  Thank you for being the most patient, faithful and loving person I know.  You have taught me so much about what it means […]