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From South Africa to Turkey…in Pictures

[vimeo 78979726] Selah saying goodbye to her best friend for 2.5 months… At the airport before taking off with our plane in the background… airplanes can be fun….this is on the way to Dubai on Emirates (the nicest airlines we have traveled on and oftentimes the cheapest!   Selah sleeping… somewhere around 2:30 AM in our […]


A bunch of Pictures….(Are you a wretch?)

  How do you see yourself?  For the purpose of this blog, I am going to write to followers of Christ.  We have a strange habit of defining ourselves as who we were before we were in Christ.  No question we still sin and still struggle with sin, so please do not take anything I […]


Taking some friends to the movies…

So 2 brothers we love from a family  in Masiphumelele both had birthdays last weekend….we decided to take them to see Wreck-It Ralph, a new Disney movie we wanted them to see.  To our knowledge they have never seen a regular movie in a regular theater before (not a baad thing…in fact, I have been […]

Mark vs. the Cobra (seriously!….kind of)

Was driving home from meeting with some of our new students and saw a LOOOONG snake crossing the road.  I was with the entire family but couldn’t resist doing a bit of research.  I jumped out of the car with the phone and took the following 16 second video! , robinson, learning: […]


Getting Mugged….A True Story

Being a part of All Nations is very humbling.  We are surrounded by amazing men and women (and children!) of God who have made radical decisions to leave behind former lives and come and follow Jesus in very profound ways.  This is the story of some friends of ours from All Nations.  They are traveling […]